We will get off the beaten path to meet your needs

Rialto Capital AG addresses the constantly changing conditions and increasing demands on our industry by changing the corporate profile and by establishing strategic cooperations and partnerships. Rialto Capital AG is the umbrella organization for a network of ideally-matched subsidiaries and cooperation partners with corresponding qualifications that address nearly all segments of the real-estate industry.

Rialto Capital specializes in the real-estate investment, real-estate consulting and real-estate management fields and is therefore the partner of choice for loan providers (commercial and investment banks), institutional investors, insurance carriers, and law firms.

For some years, Rialto Capital AG has been focusing on consulting for bankruptcy trustees and mortgage creditors — a segment where liquidation scenarios are ideally implemented on behalf of all involved parties in consideration of tight timelines.

The company has been commercially active with its highly varied corporate structure for more than 20 years and consolidated its entire know-how in 2011 under the umbrella of Rialto Capital AG. The company is active throughout Germany and is presently expanding its activities to Europe. The company is owner managed and employs a total of 20 full-time and independent staff. Together with its partner companies, Rialto Capital AG manages a real-estate portfolio measured in EUR hundreds of millions. The returns achieved with the exit strategies for these are significantly above average compared to market performance. For 2021, Rialto Capital AG plans to significantly grow the real-estate portfolio in addition to expanding activities.