As it related to support, you can sit back and relax

We will provide end-to-end support and management for buildings on your behalf – from new construction to its operation and tear-down. Our related services include:

  • Configuring and expanding the controlling system, the reporting system and the interfaces in order to integrate the growing data volumes
  • Integration of building account settlements, financial accounting and the business plan for the liquidity-oriented, regular and deadline-compliant management of the data inventory
  • Drafting and updating the business plan, liquidity budgets and the cash management function
  • Management and control of building management and other service providers, e.g. rental teams, building managers, collection companies, construction supervisors, external financial accountants
  • Coordination of rental and financial accounting records, tax advisors and financial auditors, e.g. year-end financial statements and audits
  • Involvement in loan agreement negotiations in order to implement these in a practical manner with respect to reporting, covenant compliance and loan servicing.
  • Preparation of customized reporting with consolidated analysis (from the management level to the level of the posted records)
  • Incident driven digital data audits, e.g. of operating expenses, security deposits, incoming invoices