alintra GmbH was founded by Wolfgang Brötz in 2005 and is part of arsago Group. alintra has supported the growth of arsago Real Estate ( from the beginning. arsago Real Estate has invested more than EUR 700 MM in German residential real estate through a private equity fund on behalf of international institutional investors. The asset management expertise of the arsago team has had the effect that empty residences and outstanding rent receivables were significantly reduced. alintra believes that its central role as an independent supplier with capital know-how is to create transparency for the relevant liquidity and communication flows for investors and financing partners.


External archiving of documentation from insolvency proceedings

The documentation resulting from involvement in insolvency proceedings is governed by statutory retention periods. Inadequate documentation storage will delay prompt processing. Internal document storage ties up valuable office space resources. The external archiving of documentation from insolvency proceedings provided by Ad ACTA GmbH is an elegant solution to this problem. Benefit from our many years of experience processing insolvency proceedings in various fields and learn about the many advantages our service can bring you.